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Apna Vahan Card App

Apna Vahan Card App Provide highly effective and fast readable technology for scanning various details of a vehicle. In the unfortunate event of a disaster such as an accident or vehicle damage, our app offers a QR code scanning feature. by scanning the QR code, retrieve contact details of the vehicle owner's relatives, facilitating effective communication. Furthermore, the utility of our app extends to everyday scenarios like leaving lights on unintentionally. In such cases, concerned individuals can easily scan the QR code displayed on the vehicle and promptly contact the owner to address the situation. Moreover, the Apna Vahan Card App proves invaluable in scenarios involving parked vehicles in restricted areas, such as No Parking zones. Utilizing the app, viewers can effortlessly identify the vehicle owner and access their contact details for necessary communication. Additionally, our app ensures proactive engagement with users by providing timely SMS notifications. Users receive pre-intimations seven days prior to the expiry date of any vital documents, offering convenience and peace of mind.